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Oracle® Rack Cabinet 1242 User's Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Move the Rack to the Installation Site

The rack front casters are fixed, so you must steer using the rear casters. You can maneuver the rack safely by pushing it from behind.

Note -  If present, to avoid damaging the rack, do not push on the perforated panels.


Caution  -  When unpacking the rack at the installation site, or when repackaging the rack to move the rack to a new location, verify that the leveling feet are up before moving the rack, and that the doors, if present, are closed and locked.

  • Push the rack from behind to the installation site.

    Note -  For a fully loaded rack, three people are required to move the rack, at minimum.


    Caution  -  Do not stand in the path of the rack while moving the rack.

    image:Figure that warns of danger if you stand in front of a rack while                             moving it


    Caution  -  Never attempt to move the rack by pushing on the side panels. Pushing on the side panels can make the rack tip over, which can damage the equipment and cause serious personal injury or death.


    Caution  -  Do not tip or rock the rack, especially if you have installed equipment into it, as the rack can fall over.

    image:Figure showing how to push the rack from behind.

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