DatabaseEditionName property sets or gets the edition name for the OracleConnection object.


// C#
public string DatabaseEditionName{get;set;}

Property Value

A string to be used as the edition name for the OracleConnection object.


  • InvalidOperationException() - if the connection is already open.

  • InvalidOperationException() - If CPVersion is set to 1.0 when the connection is opened. DatabaseEditionName property is supported only with CPVersion of 2.0 or higher.


Property must be set before opening a connection or after closing a connection.

The edition name for the connection to use can be set in one of three places: DatabaseEditionName in the application code, Edition in the .NET configuration file, or Edition in the Windows Registry. The .NET configuration value overrides the Registry value and the DatabaseEditionName property value overrides the .NET configuration value.

DatabaseEditionName property value is case sensitive.

Only supported for .NET Framework 4 and higher.