This property applies to pluggable database connections. Upon an OracleConnection.Open(), if the connection returned from the pool had to change its service name (ServiceName) or pluggable database (PDBName) in order to connect to the desired pluggable database, then the connection is considered switched. Thus, SwitchedConnection will then return TRUE. In all other cases, it will return FALSE.


// C#
public bool SwitchedConnection { get; }


Applications should use this property carefully when using DRCPConnectionClass values that are common across PDBs/Services. If the same DRCPConnectionClass values are used across PDBs/Services, but their semantics are different, then this property value can help determine if the requested connection is returned or not.

For example, in a scenario where the same DRCPConnectionClass that is used across PDBs/Services has a different semantic, the application should first check to see if the session has been switched or not. If it has switched between PDBs/Services, then the application should consider that the connection with a matching DRCPConnectionClass was not dispensed.

Only supported for .NET Framework 4 and higher.