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man pages section 5: Standards, Environments, and Macros

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Updated: July 2017

ifconfig (5)


ifconfig, ipadm, dladm - mapping of ifconfig commands to ipadm and dladm utilities


The ifconfig(1M) command has largely been replaced by ipadm(1M). There are also several features that are replaced by dladm(1M), and a few replaced by other commands.

Modern network environments have become more complex, and configuration takes place on many different layers. The ipadm and dladm commands map directly to these layers, and have been designed to be extensible as new features are added. In addition, they have been designed such that the various components are managed in a uniform way; learning to configure a new type of network component should not require learning new command syntax. Finally, these commands also provide configuration persistence across a system reboot.

While the ipadm and dladm commands directly manage network configuration of the zone in which they are run, the global zone administrator can also manage or restrict network configuration within non-global zones using the zonecfg command. Please refer to zonecfg(1M) for more details about this command.

To aid in the transition from ifconfig to the new commands, the following table provides translations from ifconfig options to the appropriate ipadm and dladm subcommands.

Note -  The syntax given in the table is not complete. Full syntax for each ipadm or dladm sub-command can be found by typing ipadm help sub-command or dladm help sub-command on the command-line. For example,
$ ipadm help create-ip


create-ip [-t] <IP-interface>

ipadm (other) command
ifconfig –a
List all interfaces and their addresses.
  • plumb

  • unplumb

Create or delete an IP interface.
  • ipadm create-ip

  • ipadm delete-ip

  • [address]

  • addif

  • removeif

  • netmask

  • destination

Create or delete a static IP address on an interface, with or without an explicit netmask or prefix length.
  • ipadm create-addr –a addr

  • ipadm delete-addr

  • wait seconds

  • start

  • drop

  • release

Create or delete DHCP address on an interface, with optional wait time specified.
  • ipadm create-addr –T dhcp [–wseconds]

  • ipadm delete-addr

  • ipadm delete-addr –r

dhcp[1] extend
Extend a DHCP lease.
ipadm refresh-addr
dhcp[1] inform
Obtain configuration parameters from DHCP without obtaining a lease.
ipadm refresh-addr –i
dhcp[1] ping
Check if DHCP is in use on an interface.
ipadm show-addr interface
dhcp[1] status
Display DHCP status.
netstat –D
  • inet6 plumb up

  • token

  • unplumb

Create or delete an auto-configured IPv6 address on an existing interface.
  • ipadm create-addr –T addconf [–i interface-id]

  • ipadm delete-addr

  • [-] deprecated

  • [-] preferred

  • [-] private

  • [-] xmit

View or set address properties.
  • ipadm show-addrprop

  • ipadm set-addrprop

Bring an address up.
ipadm up-addr [implicit in the create-addr command; only needed after an explicit down-addr]
Take an address down.
ipadm down-addr
[-] nud
[-] arp
[-] router
View or set interface properties.
ipadm show-ifprop
ipadm set-ifprop
ipmp group name
Create or delete an IPMP group.
ipadm create-ipmp
ipadm delete-ipmp
group name
Add an interface to an IPMP group.
ipmp add-ipmp –i ifname
[-] standby
Turn on/off standby flag.
ipadm set-ifprop –p standby=on
ipadm set-ifprop –p standby=off
Configure a tunnel link
dladm *–iptun subcommands
ether addr
View or set the hardware address of a link.
dladm show-linkprop –p mac-address
dladm set-linkprop –p mac-address=addr
View or set modules to be autopushed on a link.
dladm show-linkprop –p autopush
dladm set-linkprop –p autopush=modlist
Set subnet/netmask/broadcast domain.
ipadm set-addrprop –p prefixlen=len
Set IPsec policy for a tunnel link.
These features are no longer supported.

See Also

dladm(1M), ifconfig(1M), ipadm(1M), ipsecconf(1M), netstat(1M), zonecfg(1M)