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Setting Up and Configuring the Siebel Test Execution Plugin

The Jenkins custom plug-in allows the user to interact with Siebel Master Server. Follow the procedure below to setup and configure the Siebel Test Execution plugin.


    • Before installing the Siebel Test Execution (STE) plugin, you must set up the proxy server configuration.
    • You must install the Node and Label Parameter Plugin from Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins -> Available tab.

To set up the proxy server configuration:

  1. Navigate to Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins, then select Advanced tab and add the following proxy server settings.


Table 16.
HTTP Proxy Configuration


www.<your company proxy server>.com

Port Number


You can check with your IT administrator for the proxy settings.

To install the custom plugin:

  1. From the Upload Plugin pane, navigate to the plugin location, select the STE plugin and click Upload.

The status of the STE plugin installation is displayed in the screen.

  1. Click Installed to check if the STE plugin has been installed successfully.
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