The PayU Latam integration lets your store accept payments from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and Peru through WebCheckout, PayU’s hosted checkout solution. You must have a PayU business account in order to use this integration. You should also have a sandbox account. PayU Latam supports a number of different payment types, such as credit card, cash, or bank transfer. The payment types available to shoppers correspond to selections you made when you set up your PayU business account. For more information about WebCheckout, see the documentation about integrations on the PayU Developers site at

PayU Latam controls authorization and capture of funds. Funds are captured at the same time the payment is authorized. You cannot configure the gateway to capture funds later.

Note: Commerce Cloud uses HMAC-SHA256 to generate the request signature and validate the response signature for requests and responses sent as part of the payment gateway integrations. For more information, see Security.

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