This document provides a quick introduction to the Oracle NoSQL Database C# driver. This driver provides native C# applications access to data stored in Oracle NoSQL Database tables. It can be used to perform basic database operations such as get, put, and search. Search operations can be executed in synchronous or asynchronous manner.

The driver is thin and asynchronous.

It is termed thin as it requires use of a proxy server which translates network activity between the C# client and the Oracle NoSQL Database store. The proxy is written in Java, and can run on any machine that is network accessible by both your C# client code and the Oracle NoSQL Database store. However, for performance and security reasons, Oracle recommends that you run the proxy on the same local host as your driver, and the proxy be used in a 1:1 configuration with your drivers (that is, each instance of the proxy should be used with just a single driver instance). The driver does not use any caching while iterating over potentially large datasets.

It is termed asynchronous as it has the capability to call driver operations in a non-blocking manner and receive results of the operation via asynchronous callback functions.

This quick start guide assumes that you have read and understood the concepts described in the Oracle NoSQL Database Getting Started with Table API guide. The entirety of the API used by the C# driver is described in the C# Driver for Tables API Reference.