Enabling Accessibility Features to Support Assistive Technology

You can enable accessibility mode when you sign in to the PeopleSoft system, by selecting the Enable Accessibility Mode check box on the Sign In page.

Alternatively, you can complete the following steps to set up accessibility features for your user ID:

  1. Select My Preferences from the Actions List.

    The My Preferences page appears.

  2. The appearance of this page may differ depending on the application that you are using. If multiple preference categories appear, select General Settings.

  3. In the General Options section, select one of the following options from the Accessibility Features list:

    Field or Control


    Accessibility features off

    Select this option to disable accessibility features.

    Use accessible layout mode

    Select this option to enable all of the accessibility features that are available, including the feature that presents the page in a linear format.

    See Accessibility in PeopleSoft Applications.

    This option is designed for people who are blind or visually impaired who use assistive technology, such as screen readers.

    Use standard layout mode

    Note: This option has been deprecated, and is no longer supported. Instead, Oracle recommends using high contrast mode for your device display to provide enhanced visibility.

    Select this option to enable accessibility features if you want support for visibility impairment (for example, if you use a screen magnifier), but do not rely solely on a screen reader. This mode provides bold highlighting of page elements to indicate where you are on a page, but it does not alter the page layout or provide full accessibility features for screen readers. For example, this mode does not provide table summaries and column headings for every table column.

  4. Save your changes.

  5. Sign out of the system and sign in again for your changes to take effect.

Note: Keyboard-only navigation features are available to all users and do not require users to enable accessibility features.