Understanding the PTF Development Environment

The following diagram illustrates the PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) development environment:

Image: Diagram of the PTF development environment

This diagram illustrates the PTF development environment.

PTF Development Environment

A PTF development environment consists of the following elements:

  • A PTF client instance.

  • An internet browser instance.

  • A connection to a PeopleSoft application that is to be tested through the Integration Broker Web Services.

PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) client is a standalone program that runs on a Microsoft Windows 64 bit machine.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is required to record tests. The browsers Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge are supported to execute tests. Please refer to the Certifications tab on My Oracle Support for current information on supported browsers.

PTF client connects to PeopleSoft application database using a secure HTTPS connection through PeopleTools Integration Broker web services which runs on the web server. All the recorded tests are saved to a test repository in the application database. While executing a test, the test repository interacts with the web server.

Pure Internet Architecture (PIA) verifies a stable Integration Broker setup, and a secured access to the PTF client. You can define the PTF Configuration Options and evaluate the SSL certificate requirements using the PIA. The PIA connects to the web server through a web browser using HTTP/HTTPS.

Note: The PeopleSoft application database where test assets are stored and the PeopleSoft application that is to be tested are not required to be on the same database, but we strongly recommend you use the same database for both.