Creating Multinavigation Menus

We recommend that you create special menus to be used for multinavigation. These menus should be specific to the nodes or details and should not contain any extra visible components.

Pages that you want to display on the Detail Navigation page should use the Menu and Bar items defined in the tree structure.

To prevent these special menus from being used for something other than tree navigation purposes, clear the Menu Installed option on the Menu Properties dialog box in PeopleSoft Application Designer.

If the tree structure has been defined with multinavigation flags enabled, you can select the component and page to open when editing the node or leaf data.

While populating the Detail Navigation page, PeopleSoft Tree Manager collects pages using this logic: pages appear in the Navigation Links section belong to the components that have the same key fields in their search records. There are two exceptions from this logic:

  • EFFDT key field is ignored during the validation.

  • The menu item, which points to the underlined component, can overwrite the component search record.

    In this case, the previous logic is applied to the overwriting search record.