Customizing TREE_NODE/TREE_LEVEL Pages

The Windows-based PeopleSoft Tree Manager provided standard pages and components for maintaining the TREE_NODE_TBL and TREE_LEVEL_TBL tables, such as the default tables that are used for the node and level data. If you have customized either of these pages or components, you should apply the same customizations to the versions that are used specifically by the web-based PeopleSoft Tree Manager.

The web-based PeopleSoft Tree Manager uses the following pages and components for maintaining data in the TREE_NODE_TBL and the TREE_LEVEL_TBL tables:

  • Node Components(Page):

    TREE_NODE_PeopleSoft Internet Architecture(TREE_NODE_PIA)TREE_NODE_PIA_2
  • Level Components(Page):