Importing and Exporting PeopleSoft 7.x Trees

This topic provides an overview of the TMDOWNLD SQR program and discusses how to install and run SQR program.

TreeMover provides the TMDOWNLD SQR program for unloading a PeopleSoft tree from a PeopleSoft 7 or 7.5 database. (The SQR should also work against a PeopleSoft 6 database, but it has not been tested against that version and is not certified for it.) This program exports most of the same tree information as the Tree Export functionality provided with PeopleTools 8. Differences include:

  • Tree categories are not exported; the category defaults to DEFAULT.

  • Tree performance options are not exported.

  • Tree structures are not exported.

To install the TMDOWNLD SQR program, copy the TMDOWNLD.SQR file from your PeopleTools 8 PS_HOME/SQR directory to the SQR directory for your PeopleTools 7 or 7.5 install.

Note: If you do not have a copy of TMDOWNLD.SQR, contact PeopleSoft Customer Service.

When you run this SQR against a given version of a PeopleSoft database, you must run it with the common SQC files that are delivered for that PeopleTools version. For example, if you run it against a PeopleSoft 7 database, you should run it so that it uses the SQC files delivered with PeopleTools 7. Otherwise, the process will not run correctly.

To run the TMDOWNLD SQR program:

  1. Run the TMDOWNLD SQR program from the SQR command line.

  2. Follow the system prompts.

    Note: There is no associated run control page with this SQR for PeopleSoft 7 or 7.5 databases. In order to schedule this process to run without manual intervention, you need to create a run control for the process. See your PeopleTools manual for more information on creating run controls.