Using Drag and Drop

You can move detail values and nodes using drag-and-drop functionality as a substitute for cut-and-paste.

When using drag-and-drop functionality with nodes, you can use either the Paste as Child or Paste as Sibling actions.

Note: The Paste as Sibling action is not available in Query Access Manager.

The following rules apply when using drag and drop:

  • You can drop values onto the root node, but you cannot drag the root node onto another value.

  • You can drag nodes and detail values to another location, but you cannot drop nodes onto detail values.

  • You cannot drag and drop on:

    • Branched nodes.

    • View-only trees.

    • Dynamic detail leaves.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality is available only for a single page that is opened in a browser.

    To move a node or a leaf between different pages, use cut-and-paste functionality instead.

  • The drag-and-drop default action is set in the display options.

Note: To use drag-and-drop on large trees, change the Number of Lines per Page field to a greater number.

See Setting Display Options.