Using PeopleSoft Tree Manager Upgrade Programs

PeopleSoft Tree Manager was developed using standard PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture. For example, it was developed using pages, components, and standard PeopleCode functionality. Because of this, additional steps are required for configuring new and existing trees that will be accessed through the web.

Application Engine upgrade programs, UPG8RPTG and UPG81RPTG, automatically perform many of the steps that are required to configure your existing trees so that they can be viewed from a web browser.

Note: When upgrading from any 7.x release, you will be instructed during the upgrade process to run the UPG8RPTG program. When upgrading from an 8.0x release, you will be instructed to run the UPG81RPTG program. You can rerun the UPG81RPTG program as often as required to complete the upgrade of PeopleSoft Tree Manager structures. You should run the UPG8RPTG program once as directed by the upgrade process.

To run the UPG8RPTG and UPG81RPTG programs:

  1. Select PeopleTools > Application Engine > Request AE.

  2. Create a new Application Engine process request run control ID.

    The Application Engine Request page appears.

  3. Click the Run button to send the request to the Process Scheduler.

    The Process Scheduler page appears.

  4. Select an application server to run the program from, and then select the UPG8RPTG or UPG81RPTG program from the list of processes displayed.

  5. Click the OK button on the Process Scheduler Request page to start the Application Engine program.

  6. Select PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > Process Monitor to monitor the status of the UPG8RPTG or UPG81RPTG process.

    The process should only take a couple of minutes to run to completion.

  7. From the Process Monitor page, find the UPG8RPTG or UPG81RPTG process that you initiated, and select the Details link from the process list.

  8. Click the Message Log button to view any messages associated with the program.

    You might encounter two messages with the UPG8RPTG and UPG81RPTG programs:

    • A page on a tree structure was not found on a component.

    • A tree structure referenced a page that was part of a component, but the component was not found on a menu.

      Note: If you receive either of these messages, you need to use the manual configuration steps to upgrade these tree structures to be usable from the web.

      You can use the View All option to display all messages generated by the UPG8RPTG or UPG81RPTG programs and then use your browser’s print functionality to print out the messages.