Using Tree Viewer

Tree Viewer is a read-only version of PeopleSoft Tree Manager. It provides security administrators with an easy way to limit some users to read-only access for all trees.

The only actions available in Tree Viewer are Display Options, Print Format, and Close. Navigation options are the same as in Tree Manager.

The following images are available when displaying trees in Tree Viewer:

Field or Control


Collapse Node icon

Collapse Node: Click to close a node with its contents not showing.

Expand Node icon

Expand Node: Click to expand a node with its contents showing all lower levels of the hierarchy.

Terminal Node icon

Terminal Node: Represents a node that has no children.

Branch Node icon

Branch Node: Represents a node that has been branched.

Detail Value or Leaf icon

Detail Value or Leaf (detail/summary trees only): Represents an individual field value attached to a node at the end of a branch.

Expand Node Hierarchy icon

Expand Node Hierarchy: Expands all child objects.

Note: Tree Viewer ignores branches.