Using Menu Pagelets

The Menu pagelet navigation is an intuitive way of updating or viewing data in your database. The menu consists of a hierarchy of links and content references. Expanding and collapsing these links and then selecting content references that are within them is one of the primary ways of navigating PeopleSoft applications.

Image: Menu pagelet

This example illustrates Menu pagelet navigation.

Menu pagelet

The Menu pagelet contains a list of the general areas to which you have access in the application. From this point you can expand any folder to access additional folders or content references that open transaction pages.

When you click folders in the main menu, the system retrieves only the appropriate hierarchy for the selected link or folder, instead of refreshing the entire menu. When you click the folder image next to the folder name, only the specific folder contents are retrieved. When you click the folder link itself, the system retrieves and displays the entire hierarchy of the root portal registry contents and the folder contents themselves. As you navigate the folders, the levels within the folder hierarchy change color for visual identification.