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Simphony POS Client Extension API Reference

Welcome to the Simphony POS Client .NET Extension Application API Reference. This documentation provides a searchable reference for the Simphony Extension Application API.


A POS Client .NET Extension Application is a .NET class library that adds new operations or event handlers to the Simphony POS Client.

An Extension Application adds new operations by defining extension methods that are invoked using buttons in created in the EMC Page Designer. Existing operations are extended by implementing event handlers for POS Client events. Extension Methods and Event Handlers are able to interact with the POS Client using the Extension Application API.

The POS Client Extension Application API is the set of data types used by the Extension Application to interact with the POS client; this interaction includes the ability to add items to a guest check, prompt user for information, invoke existing operations, evaluate configuration elements like employee options, and more.


This documentation assumes the reader is familiar with creating applications and class libraries using .NET C# and Visual Studio, and is familiar with configuring and using the Simphony POS application.