Changes in This Release for Oracle Secure Backup Administrator's Guide

This preface lists new and changed features in Oracle Secure Backup 12c Release 2 (12.2).

Changes in Oracle Secure Backup 12c Release 2 (

These are the changes and new features in Oracle Secure Backup Administrator’s Guide for Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (

New Features

  • New staging commands let you temporarily store one or more backup image instances in a disk pool storage container in preparation for automatically copying or moving the backup image instances to another container. For example, a backup instance can be moved from a disk pool to a tape volume or a cloud container.

    See Copying or Moving Backup Image Instances.

  • Oracle Secure Backup now supports backup to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic. Backup data can be written to either Oracle Cloud Object Storage or Archive Storage. Oracle Cloud storage is accessed and managed using Oracle Secure Backup cloud storage devices in a manner similar to other Oracle Secure Backup devices.

    All backup data is securely written to cloud storage devices by encrypting the backup data at the client host, with encryption keys being managed by the Oracle Secure Backup administrative server.

    Cloud storage devices can also be used as targets for staging, which allows you to back up your data to a faster disk pool and then move it to the cloud.

    You can also copy backup instances from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage Classic for long-term retention.

    See About Cloud Storage Devices.

  • Oracle Secure Backup software compression has been enhanced to offer multiple levels of compression: low, medium, basic, and high. These new options are more efficient, in terms of compression ratio and speed, than the existing compression method using the obtar -Z option. (Note that as of Oracle Secure Backup 12c Release 2 (, new backups are not allowed to compress data using the obtar -Z option. The -Z option is retained only for use in restoring older compressed legacy backups with the restore command.)

    Backups are compressed based on the value of the --compression option as part of the backup or mksched command at the job level and as part of the mkhost command at the host level. It can also be specified at the domain level using the backupcompression global policy.