Defining and Editing User Functions

To define or edit a user function:

  1. Select Start > Programs > PeopleTools 8.5x > Application Designer to access PeopleSoft Application Designer.

  2. After signing in to the PeopleSoft Application Designer, open an analytic model definition.

  3. Perform one of these actions:

    • To define a new user function, select Part > New > User Function.

      The Edit Part Name dialog box appears. Enter the name for the user function and click the OK button.

    • To edit an existing user function, select the user function whose formula you want to edit.

  4. Click inside the rule bar.

  5. Enter a new rule or edit the existing rule.

    See Working with the Elements of Rules.

  6. Perform one of these actions:

    • Click the Accept Changes button to accept the changes.

    • Click the Exit Formula Mode button to keep the changes without validating the formula.

    • Click the Cancel Changes button to cancel the changes.