Using Drop-Down List Boxes

This section discusses how to:

  • Set drop-down list box record properties.

  • Set drop-down list box label and use properties.

To set drop-down list box record properties:

  1. Open the Drop-Down List Box Properties dialog box.

  2. On the Record tab, associate the drop-down list box with a record and field.

  3. Select a style.

    Set the font and color attributes of your drop-down list box data.

    See Understanding Style Sheets and Style Classes.

  4. Select a displayed text option:

    • Xlat Short.

    • Xlat Long.

    • Prompt Table Field.

  5. If you selected Prompt Table Field, enter the field name in the Prompt Table Field area.

  6. Set the field size for the drop-down list box.

You can set the label and use properties for a drop-down list box.