Understanding Application Definition Translation

If you are running PeopleSoft applications with a multiple language user interface, you should translate any customizations you make to the product using PeopleTools into each of the languages that you are using. PeopleTools provides a full suite of tools to help you translate the application user interface; these are the same tools that PeopleSoft uses internally to provide the translations we ship on the global multi-language CDs.

The main definitions requiring translation in order to provide a fully multilingual user interface are pages and fields. However, PeopleTools allows the translation of many other definitions; everything that the end user sees via the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture can be translated into multiple languages.

You can translate PeopleTools definitions using Application Designer, PeopleSoft Tree Manager, or the translations utilities. The translations utilities are a particularly powerful option for translating fields, translate values, and hard-coded text on pages (that is, text that is not derived from the field description). Given the definitional approach to PeopleTools applications, however, the order in which you translate objects is critical in order to obtain the most leverage from your translation work.