Understanding International Preferences

The international preference settings control the language in which users view and use the PeopleSoft system, as well as locale formatting conventions for dates, times, and numbers. The PeopleSoft system treats language preferences and local formatting preferences separately.

Language Preferences

You can set up language preferences for your internet browser, for the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture (by session and by user profile), and for the PeopleSoft Windows-based client. Your user, or session language, helps to determine the language of your PeopleSoft interface, such as field and menu labels, as well as the language of the data that you maintain or view during the session. The internet browser language setting helps to determine the language of your PeopleSoft sign-in page in the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture.

Locale-Based Formatting Preferences

Locale-based formatting determines such preferences as date, time, and number formatting. You can set up locale-based formatting preferences at three levels, each of which overrides the one above it:

  1. System-wide

  2. Locale-specific

  3. User-specific

You can set these formatting preferences for both the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture and for the PeopleTools development environment. The preferences you set up for one is independent of those you set up for the other.

Note: Only one date format is supported per selected language.