Understanding Adding Layouts

This topic provides information about adding layout definitions to the system.

The data structure for a mobile application that you build in the Mobile Application Platform must be defined in a PeopleSoft document. When you add a layout to the system, you must specify the PeopleSoft document to link to the layout. Therefore you must create the PeopleSoft document that you want to link to a layout before you add the layout to the system.

If attempt to link an existing PeopleSoft document to a layout and it is used by other metadata anywhere in the database, the system displays a message indicating so. If you link an existing PeopleSoft document to a layout and the document is used by other metadata, there is a chance that the document cannot be modified, depending on its state. If you believe that modifications will be made to the document, it’s better to make a copy of the document thereby making the layout the only owner and consider restricting write-access to the document. You can restrict write access to the document in the document definition or in the layout definition.

The Mobile Application Platform uses REST services as the communication layer between applications built using the Mobile Application Platform and the database.

You do not need any knowledge of REST services and you do not need to develop or administer REST services to use the framework. However, the framework does provide the capability to call other REST services for those with knowledge of REST services or business requirements for using REST services in their applications.

The information in this section is provided for those who are familiar with REST services or who have an interest in understanding the metadata the system uses.

When you add a layout to the database the system creates the following metadata:




REST service


System –generated read-only REST service that the application uses to communicate with the database.

The name of the REST service created for a layout appears in the following locations:

  • Layout Details section of the Layout Designer – Layout page.

  • Layout Designer – Security page.

You can also view the service in the Service page by selecting PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Integration Setup > Services.

REST service operations



System-generated read-only REST service operations that the application uses to communicate with the database. These service operations belong to the <LAYOUT_NAME>1_MAP REST service.

You can view the service operations in the Service page, by selecting PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Integration Setup > Services and selecting the service to which the service operations belong.

Document template


The system generates a read-only document template, which is a Document type message based on the PeopleSoft document that you link to the layout.

The document message has primitive elements defined with names used for value replacement within the URI template. This document can only contain primitive elements. The document cannot contain any imports (compounds). The advantage of using documents is that they cannot be inadvertently changed, as is not the case with defined record and/or fields.




PeopleTools delivers a restricted read-only message for each of the REST service operations. The GET service operation uses the PeopleTools delivered and restricted message IB_GENERIC_REST.V1 message.

The POST service operation uses the PeopleTools –delivered and restricted message IB_REST_STUB.IB_REST.STUB.

You view these messages from the service or service operation definition. See details for REST services and REST service operations in this table for information on accessing these definitions.

URI document


Use this document to build URIs/map to specific resources in a document.

You can access and view this document using the URI Document link in the Layout Initialization section of the Initialization page (PeopleTools > Mobile Application Platform > Layout Designer and click the Initialization link)