Understanding Media Queries

Media queries are part of the CSS3 specification and define how styles are applied and how content renders on devices based on the media type and features that you define.

See W3C Media Query Recommendations

Used in conjunction with a media type, a media query is a logical expression, evaluating to true or false, that tests one or more features of an output device to which the CSS is to be applied. Therefore to render a mobile application on a certain device, you can simply use the containers that are currently defined for the template and which are applicable for specific devices, and modify the containers accordingly to get the desired rendering.

The Template Designer enables you to specify and build media queries for layout templates. To build a media query:

  1. Build a media query string.

  2. Assign containers to the media query.

  3. Modify media query containers (as necessary) to achieve the preferred rendering on the device.

You can also code queries into CSS files using the Template Media Query page.