Editing Field Properties

Use the Edit Field Properties page (PSCPQFIELD_SEC) to add or edit the field properties, including the unique field names and field headings.


Image: Edit Field Properties for Composite Query

This example illustrates the Edit Field Properties page. Definitions for the fields and controls appear following the example.

Edit Field Properties for Composite Query

Field or Control


Unique Name

Use this field to change the default unique name for a field or an expression.

By default, the format of a unique field name is <query alias>.<query unique field name> and the format of a unique expression name is EXPR<SELNum>_<colnum>_<exprNum>.


Enter new heading text for the field heading.

By default, this field is blank for all fields from the base query. If the field is an expression created within the composite query, then this field displays the expression heading.