Understanding WebLogic

You use the Oracle WebLogic Server as a web server in the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture to deploy PeopleSoft applications. The PeopleSoft Internet Architecture installation on the WebLogic Server provides these primary server configuration options.

  • Single server.

    This domain configuration contains one server named PIA, and the entire PeopleSoft application is deployed to it. This configuration is intended for single user or very small scale, non-production environments.

  • Multi server.

    This domain configuration contains seven unique server definitions and a WebLogic cluster, and the PeopleSoft application is split across multiple server instances on a single machine. This configuration is intended for the production environment.

  • Distributed managed server.

    This option is an extension of the “Multi server” selection and installs the necessary files to boot managed servers spread across multiple machines. This option requires a “Multi server” installation to be performed to some other location that contains the configuration for this managed server.

Note: The topics related to WebLogic in this PeopleBook discuss PeopleSoft-specific subjects. Always refer to your Oracle WebLogic documentation for all general server administration information.