PeopleSoft Update Manager

PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) is a tool which runs on the PeopleSoft Update Image database. 

PeopleSoft Update Images (PI) are fully functioning instances of the PeopleSoft environment. There is one PeopleSoft Update Image per product family (database instance) and they will be released periodically according to the image schedule posted on the PeopleSoft Update Manager Home Page. The PeopleSoft Update Image is the master source environment from which you will pull the updated objects, create a custom change package, and apply updates to your environment. The PeopleSoft Update Image for your application is cumulative so you will download the most current PeopleSoft Update Image and get all of the updates that you need.

There are two types of downloads for your PeopleSoft Update Image:

  • VirtualBox: Use this download to deploy the PeopleSoft Update Image using a VirtualBox Virtual Machine. This is similar to the installation process used with images using PeopleTools 8.53 and 8.54.

  • NativeOS: This download is for Linux and Windows customers. This download allows you to apply your PeopleSoft Update Image directly to your OS or a virtualization platform without having to use VirtualBox.

The PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA Application and the PeopleSoft Update Image work together; the PeopleSoft Update Image contains the updates and the PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA Application is the searching tool and custom change package definition generator. PeopleSoft Change Assistant orchestrates the entire process flow. Change Assistant is the tool used to analyze and compare changes, to apply the changed objects to your environment, to add in your customizations, and to generate custom change packages.