Clearing EMF Cache

To clear EMF cache:

  1. Close the Change Assistant, stop all agents, and stop PSEMHUB.

  2. Delete cache files from Change Assistant, agents, and Viewer.

    1. Navigate to the following EMF locations:

      EMF Element


      Change Assistant

      Change Assistant installation location. For example,

      c:\Program Files\PeopleSoft\Change Assistant\envmetadata



      Note: If PS_AGENT_HOME is not defined, the data is stored in PS_HOME.



    2. Delete the following directories:



      \transactions (if it exists)


    3. For Change Assistant and agents only, delete the following file:


  3. Delete cached files on PSEMHUB.

    1. On the web server, navigate to PIA_HOME\webserv\peoplesoft\applications\domain\PSEMHUB\envmetadata.

    2. Delete the files stored in these directories:



      \transactions (if it exists)

    3. Delete all objects in \data (files and subdirectories, but not the \data directory).

      For example,


  4. Restart PSEMHUB.

  5. Restart all agents.

  6. Restart Change Assistant and Environment Management Viewer as needed.