Configuring an Environment Management Agent

Before you can run an environment management agent, you must ensure that it's properly configured. You configure the agent by making appropriate entries in its file, which is located under:


The following table describes the parameters for the Environment Management agent:

Configuration Parameter


Default Value


The URL that contains the host name and the port number of the machine on which the Environment Management hub is running (inside a J2EE container).



A port that the agent uses for internal life cycle management.



The interval, in milliseconds, between two successive attempts that the peer makes to contact the hub. All peers that access this configuration file have the same ping interval.

10000 (in milliseconds for the heartbeat).

Note: The minimum required pinginterval value is 1000.


On Microsoft Windows, the set of local drives or directory paths where PS_HOME, PS_CFG_HOME, PS_APP_HOME , and PIA_HOME are located. Separate the drive letters or directory paths with spaces and a pipe symbol ( | ).

c: | d:

Note: Do not leave a trailing '/' or '\' character at the end of the path.


On UNIX, the set of local drives or directory paths where PS_HOME, PS_CFG_HOME, and PIA_HOME are located.

Note: The environment variable for PS_APP_HOME should be set in the application server/batch server configuration.


Note: Do not leave a trailing '/' or '\' character at the end of the path.


Only applicable to large files, which may be chunked when sent. The chunksize represents the maximum size in bytes of each chunk.

1048576 (1 MB) (used for large file transfers).

Configuring Agent Logging

The Environment Management agent's logs are located under PS_HOME\PSEMAgent\envmetadata\logs.

Edit PS_HOME\PSEMAgent\envmetadata\config\ to configure the logging for the agent.

The following parameters determine the maximum size of each log file and the amount of log files rolled over. You can change the values of these parameters.

  • log4j.appender.R.MaxFileSize=1024KB

  • log4j.appender.R.MaxBackupIndex=1"

Configuring PS Agent Home

If the environment variable PS_AGENT_HOME is not set, EMF writes to PS_HOME, which restricts the ability to run multiple agents specific to each application simultaneously on a shared PS_HOME. This also poses a security concern as users under which the EM Agent runs must have write access to PS_HOME.

Set the environment variable PS_AGENT_HOME to the directory where you want to write the environment management metadata. When you launch PSEMAgent, the system will check for the PS_AGENT_HOME location and copy the necessary files to the PS_AGENT_HOME directory and log all activity in that directory.

Note: If you are using a Portable PS_HOME, you must set the PS_AGENT_HOME variable to your Portable PS Home location.