Constructing Command Line to Apply Traditional Updates (non-PUM-enabled)

CPAPPLY (Apply Change Package) is the only action available for the mode AU (Apply Updates).

For Non PUM-enabled environments (PeopleSoft Update Image is not available), use the following command line format:

Changeassistant.bat -MODE AU -ACTION CPAPPLY -ENV <target database>  – UPD <change package> -FS <file server> -CA <access id> -CAP <access password> -CO <user id> -CP <user password> -DL <download directory> -BLD <manual or auto> -OUT <log file directory> -EXONERR <launch GUI Y or N>

Note: EMF Agent must be running.

The parameters for CPAPPLY action are:




Change Assistant Action (Required)

AU = Apply Updates


Action name (Required)

CPAPPLY = Apply Change Package


Target database. (Required)


The Change Package to apply. (Required)

Specify either all , a single or multiple Change Packages to apply to the specified environment.

For example:

  • -UPD all

  • -UPD PKG1

  • -UPD PKG1,upd222222


File Server path to apply the Change Package to the specific environment. (Required)

Select either all or list a specific file server configuration path in order.

For example:

  • -FS all

  • -FS c:\pt8.53

    -FS c:\pt8.53,c:\pt8.53–903


Access id for the environment. (Required)


Access password for the environment. (Required)


User id for the environment. (Required)


User password for the environment. (Required)


Download directory for the environment. (Optional)

If the directory is not specified it uses the default defined under General Options.


Specify whether to create the Build scripts and execute them automatically or have the DBA run the scripts automatically. (Optional)

  • 0 = Manual

  • 1 = Automatically (default)


Path of log file (Optional)


Specify whether or not to launch GUI if an error or manual stop is encountered. (Optional)

  • Y = Do not Launch

  • N= Launch (default)