Downloading Updates From My Oracle Support

When you select an update to download, you will be downloading the change package. You will need to set up a download directory on your local machine to store all of your downloaded change packages. When you are ready to apply the change packages, you will reference this directory from Change Assistant.

To download a patch from the Patch Details page:

  1. In the Patch Search Results table, click the patch name link to view the patch details page.

  2. Click Download.

  3. Select the Include Prerequisites check box to list all the prerequisite change packages.

  4. In the File Download window, click the patch file name link and select Save.

The context bar for each patch provides a download option. Note that you can select multiple patches from a list by using Ctrl or Shift.

To download more than one patch:

  • From the patch search results, click anywhere in the row except a link to select that row. Use Ctrl or Shift to select multiple rows.

  • Choose the Download button from the context bar.

  • Click each file and save it.

WGET is a UNIX download utility. The WGET options enable you to create a WGET download script that you can save as a file or copy to the clipboard.

Note: The WGET download script is intended for advanced users. In most cases, there are no messages to indicate that an error has occurred. Before using the WGET script, you should be familiar with the WGET command and WGET log files. You should also be familiar with UNIX file management, know how to edit, delete, and copy UNIX files, create and edit shell scripts, change execute privileges in UNIX, and understand HTTP error codes. Alternatively, use a download manager to download multiple patches. If you do this, you must maintain an active My Oracle Support session while you download the patches.

For details on using the WGET options refer to

Patches and Updates