Reviewing the Change Assistant Job

After you apply a change package, the Change Assistant job is created using the selected change package and options.

The Update job name reflects the criteria selected for the job.


For example:


In this example, the package name is SELECTIVE, the PUM source database is HR92U016, the target database is HC920001, and the apply type is Initial Pass.

Staging and Output Directories

When the Change Assistant job is created, a folder for the job is created in both the Staging and Output directory. The folder will have the same name as the Change Assistant job. In the example above the folder would be named softwareupdateSELECTIVE{HR92U016-HC920001}IP.

When Change Assistant is creating a new job, if an existing output and staging folder is found, Change Assistant will add a number to the folder, for example, softwareupdateSELECTIVE{HR92U016-HC920001}IP.1.

Change Assistant will filter the job to only include the steps that apply to your environment. The job is filtered by step attribute criteria, including:

  • Platform

  • Language

  • Products

  • PeopleTools Release

  • Orientation

  • EM Hub

    If the EM Hub is defined and the target database is defined to the hub, the file deploy steps will be included in the job, if it is not defined, the file deploy steps will be set to Filtered at the Job Level.

  • Synchronize Target Metadata

    If the Synchronize Target Metadata option is set to No , the step Re-Synching Target Details with PI Image will be set to Filtered at the Job Level.

Creating Filtered Documentation

The Change Assistant template is delivered with embedded documentation to help guide you through the change package jobs, especially the manual steps. You can create a single HTM file that is filtered to contain only the documentation for the chapters, tasks, and steps relevant to your job. This section assumes that you have created a Change Assistant job from a PUM change package. To create the filtered documentation:

  1. In Change Assistant, in Update Manager mode, highlight the root node of the template.

  2. Right-click, and select Finalize Documentation.

    This produces a single consolidated HTM file named for the update job. The file is saved on your client machine in the following location, where <staging_directory> is the directory you specified on the General Settings page:

    <staging_directory>\<change assistant job name>\Documentation\<package_name>.htm

    For example: D:\PUM\Staging\softwareupdateSELECTIVE{HR92U016-HC920001}IP\Documentation\SELECTIVE.htm.

Change Assistant will execute each step in the job until completion, unless a manual step or error is encountered.

When you encounter manual steps you will need to take some action, such as review compare reports. If you make any changes while the job is executing, you will want these same changes applied to additional targets.

Running SQRReport Steps

For Change Assistant jobs created from PUM change packages only, you can edit the SQRReport step type to add a user-defined Run Control ID, as follows:

  1. Highlight the step and select Edit, Step Properties.

  2. Select the Step Definition tab.

  3. Click Additional Settings.

  4. Add the Run Control ID, and specify any other settings needed.

    If no value is entered for Run Control ID, the default value ADHOC is used.

  5. Click OK twice and restart the Change Assistant job.

The last steps in the template are used to prepare your change package for the Move to Production.




Copying Customized Codeline Objects

Manual Stop

Manually copy your customized codeline objects (located in PSHOME / PS_APP_HOME / PS_CFG_HOME or such similar locations to the staging directory.

Merging CP and CP Invalid View Projects

Merge Project

Merges the additional invalid views project (if one was created during the initial pass) into the existing project resulting in a single project. The merged project is used in all subsequent applies using the updated change package.

Exporting Modified Package-MO Project


Copies the managed object project to a file.

Exporting Modified ADS-MO Project

Only if Required


Consolidates multiple ADS projects into one project and copies it to a file.

Exporting Modified ADS Project - [ADSProjectName]

Only if Required


Copies individual ADS project (by bug) to a file.

Note: There will be a step created for each ADS project included in the change package.

Create Modified Change Package


The change package is zipped to the staging directory and ready for the Move to production.