Running Change Assistant Job from the Command Line

Change Assistant jobs can be run from the command line to automate applying updates to multiple environments. There are 2 modes available AU and UM.

  • Update Manager Mode (UM)

  • Traditional Apply Updates Mode (AU)

To get command line help:

  • Enter Changeassistant.bat ? to get a list of the actions.

  • To get help on a specific action enter Changeassistant.bat -MODE UM -ACTION <action> for example Changeassistant.bat -MODE UM -ACTION CPAPPLY.

Update Manager mode supports the following actions:

  • ENVIMP = Import Environment

  • ENVCREATE = Create Environment

  • ENVUPDATE = Update Environment

  • EMFVAL = Validate EMF Settings

  • OPTIONS = Set General Options

  • UPLDTGT = Upload Target database to PUM Source

  • CPAPPLY = Apply Previously Created (non-PRP) Change Package

  • PRPAPPLY = Apply PRP

  • PTPAPPLY = Apply a patch to your Current PeopleTools Release

  • PTUAPPLY = Upgrade to a New Release of PeopleTools

  • UPGAPPLY = Apply Application Upgrade

  • DLTAPPLY = Apply Tools Delta Package

  • TDPAPPLY = Apply Translation Delta Package

  • RFUAPPLY = Apply Required for Upgrade Package

  • CPCREATE = Create Change Package

  • EXPCFG = Export configuration

  • IMPCFG = Import configuration

  • IMPCUSTDATA = Import customer data from the data file to the new PUM source

  • EXPCUSTDATA= Export customer data from existing PUM source and save it as a data file

  • UPLDCUSTDATA = Upload customer metadata and test data.