When to Clear Environment Management Framework Cache

After analyzing customer environments and consulting PeopleSoft support, the following list reflects the most common situations in which it is recommended that you clear cache files:

  • After applying a maintenance pack. Maintenance packs deliver a large number of files. Clearing the cache after applying a maintenance pack may increase performance for applying future updates.

  • After applying a PeopleTools patch. Information related to previous PeopleTools releases stored in the cached directories can cause a variety of issues for Change Assistant.

  • After receiving a warning during file deploys or during the validate process (Tools, Validate). This is typically related to cached references to peer IDs that are no longer used. Clearing the cache removes references to unused peer IDs.

  • After Change Assistant hangs during re-validation. This is often a sign of cache issues.

  • After receiving notifications that you need to apply prerequisites that have already been applied.

Note: The above list reflects the most common situations when cache should be cleared, not every possible situation. If you are encountering unexpected behavior, one element of your troubleshooting should be clearing the cache.