Working with Embedded Documentation

Each delivered Change Assistant template comes with embedded documentation to help guide you through an update or upgrade job, especially for manual steps. Typically, full upgrades have significantly more documentation than updates.

The documentation for any chapter, task, or step resides in a separate HTM file with the same name as the template element. A master HTML file stores the compilation of the separate HTM files displayed in an order matching the template.

When working with Change Assistant documentation, you:

  • Set the documentation directory.

  • View documentation.

  • Create and edit documentation.

  • Finalize documentation.

You set the documentation directory before an upgrade and prior to customizing documentation. The documentation directory contains the documentation HTM files.

To set the documentation directory:

  1. Select Edit, Set Documentation Directory.

  2. Navigate to the directory where you want to store the documentation.

  3. Click Open.

To view the embedded documentation associated with a particular template element:

  1. Select the template node.

  2. View the documentation in the documentation box.

To view the compiled documentation:

  1. Navigate to the documentation directory.

  2. Open the template_name.HTM file.

To create or edit documentation:

  1. Select the desired element node.

  2. Select Edit > Edit Documentation.

  3. In the edit box on the Edit Documentation dialog box, insert your cursor, and add new content or modify existing content.

    Click Attach to incorporate additional files, such as graphics or additional text files. Attaching files moves that file into the documentation directory and inserts a link to that file in the embedded documentation.

  4. Click OK.

After modifying any documentation for individual template elements, select Edit > Finalize Documentation to compile the individual documentation changes into the master HTM file.