1.1 About Spacewalk 2.6 for Oracle Linux

There are no significant changes in the Oracle version of Spacewalk from the upstream project.


For information about installing or upgrading Spacewalk 2.6 servers and proxies, see the Spacewalk 2.6 for Oracle Linux Installation Guide.

Summary of new features and changes since release 2.4

In addition to numerous fixes and other small enhancements, the Spacewalk 2.6 release includes the following features:

  • The taskotop command-line utility has been added to the spacewalk-utils package. This utility monitors Taskomatic activities and provides information about the status of each job.

  • Most system entitlements and Software Channel entitlements have been removed.


    The Virtualization entitlement is still supported in this release.

  • Improved first organization creation.

  • spacewalk-repo-sync improvements, including the following:

    • Can sync channels with several repositories.

    • Can update a kickstart tree in a repository.

  • Improved Python 2/3 compatibility for all tools.

  • OSAD now works in failover mode via proxy.

  • The 'Select All' button now correctly selects only filtered systems, packages, errata, and so on.

  • Changes to the organization of the menus within the Spacewalk web interface. For example, you can configure an organization by selecting the Organization menu under the Admin tab.

  • New API calls:

    • actionchain.addErrataUpdate

    • system.listSuggestedReboot

    • packages.listSourcePackages

    • packages.removeSourcePackage

    • system.scheduleLabelScriptRun

    • system.schedulePackageInstallByNevra

    • system.schedulePackageRemoveByNevra

    You can find up-to-date API documentation under the Help tab of the web interface by selecting the API menu option, then browse the URL https://swksvr_FQDN/rhn/apidoc/index.jsp on the server, or by going to http://www.spacewalkproject.org/documentation/api/2.6.

For detailed information, see the release notes for the Spacewalk project at https://github.com/spacewalkproject/spacewalk/wiki/ReleaseNotes26.