1.1 About Spacewalk 2.7 for Oracle Linux

There are no significant changes in the Oracle version of Spacewalk from the upstream project.


For information about installing or upgrading Spacewalk 2.7 servers and proxies, see the Spacewalk 2.7 for Oracle Linux Installation Guide.

Summary of new features and changes since release 2.6

In addition to numerous fixes and other enhancements, the Spacewalk 2.7 release includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Addition of the taskotop utility, which monitors taskomatic daemon activities. The taskotop utility is included in the spacewalk-utils package.

  • jabberd daemon, which supports the Open Source Architecture Daemon (OSAD), now uses the sqlite database for improved reliability.

  • jpackage libraries and packages have been replaced with standard packages and libraries.

  • Improved kickstart profile support.

  • New channel.listManageableChannels API call added.

For detailed information about these changes, see the Release Notes for the Spacewalk project at https://github.com/spacewalkproject/spacewalk/wiki/ReleaseNotes27.