1.2.4 Issues That Require You to Replace the jabberd/osa Database

You might need to replace the jabberd/osa database on a Spacewalk server or proxy if you encounter any of the following errors:

  • OSA status shows "offline as of unknown" for client servers.

  • osa-dispatcher errors in /var/log/messages on the Spacewalk server or proxy.

  • "db: corruption detected! close all jabberd processes and run db_recover" message in /var/log/messages on the Spacewalk server or proxy.

These problems occur because the default Berkeley database format does not support transactions, and as a result, can become damaged when too many clients attempt to update at the same time. Switching to SQLite provides transactional support for the jabberd database and can handle significantly more downstream clients.

For detailed instructions on replacing the database, see Replacing the jabberd/osa Database on Spacewalk Servers or Spacewalk Proxies.