Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Understand the Agent Console, Understand CPQ Cloud integration, Create new orders
coupon stacking rules, Understand coupons and gifts
coupons, Understand coupons and gifts
CS Agent role, Assign roles
CS Agent Supervisor role, Assign roles


Dynamic Commerce Item Properties, Understand dynamic commerce item properties


keyboard shortcuts, About keyboard shortcuts


no price item, Create new orders


order, View order details
cancel, Cancel an order
create, Create new orders
display payment information, View payment details
display promotions, View order items
display returns, View order items
display shipping information, View shipping details
history, View order history
incomplete, Complete in-process orders
returns, Process returns
track, View tracking references
order approvals
and scheduled orders, Understand the effect of order approvals on scheduled orders
how approvers approve and reject orders, Understand account-based commerce approvals

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