After conducting a successful search, your search results appear in the Customer Results table at the bottom of the page. In the table, you can view customer information, including the latest order for that customer.

In a multiple site environment, for a single site, there can be multiple incomplete carts associated to each account. If the shopper has unsaved carts in the available sites or wants to create a new cart for any of the sites, in the cart column, a Select Cart link is displayed. Clicking the link displays a dialog with site-specific cart details. The agent can select any of the site-specific cart links. The selected link redirects to a Create Order page with the cart details pre-loaded. Only one incomplete cart can be associated with a site.

If account-based commerce functionality is set up for your business, an Account column is displayed. This column is populated only with shoppers who are associated with an account. In the Cart column, if the account-based shopper has any incomplete carts associated with him/her, a Select Cart link is displayed. Click the link to display the Select Cart dialog. Click the link for the order you want to view or complete.

Click the Details icon to view the Customer Profile page. On the Customer Profile page, you can do the following:

Understand account-based commerce customers

If account-based commerce functionality has been enabled for your environment, your agents should understand the following:

For more information, see Using Oracle Commerce Cloud, Manage pages for account-based shoppers section.

Conduct shopper profile activities for an account

While accounts are created in Oracle Commerce Cloud Administration, with the merchant’s permission, agents can, on behalf of a delegated administrator for an account, do the following:

The merchant can make this capability unavailable to the agent.

To manage account-based contacts and addresses:

  1. Establish the identity of the shopper as an administrator for the account. Contact your manager for the method by which you are to identify administrators.

  2. Search for the contact and open the customer profile. For more information, see the Search for customers section.

  3. On the Customer Profile page, Details tab, under Storefront Role, if the person you are dealing with is an administrator, the Administrator check box will be selected. At a minimum, the Buyer role is selected. Additional roles include Approver, Account Address Manager, and Profile Address Manager. Also ensure the Active check box is selected.

  4. For all account administrators and address managers, an additional tab called Account Contacts is available. Click the Account Contacts tab to view all contacts registered to the account. Information on this tab includes:

  5. Use the filter field to narrow the search for specific contacts.

  6. Click the New Contact button to register a new contact to the account. The Add New Contact dialog appears.

  7. Enter the first and last name, email address, the storefront role, and whether the contact is active. By default, the new contact has Buyer selected. Click Save. The new contact now appears in the Account Contacts list.

  8. From the Account Contacts list, click a current contact to edit the information. Make any changes to the storefront role and active status here. For these currently-registered contacts, the email address cannot be edited. For more information, see the View customer results section.

    To add a new address or edit current addresses, click the Address Book tab. For more information, see the Use the address book section.

Search for and view registration requests

Only account administrators have permissions to approve shopper requests for inclusion as buyers on an account. Once the functionality is configured, on the storefront, a shopper can fill out a form and submit a request. While agents cannot approve requests, they can search for and view the requests to provide status information to a shopper.

Once the administrator approves a request, the request is cleared from the search and a new buyer is added to the associated account. The new buyer now has privileges based on the access given to him or her, which can include contractual pricing and special catalog selections.

To search for and view a registration request:

To view the details of a particular request, click the request ID link. A new page is displayed with the following tabs:

The information on these tabs is read-only. There may also be custom properties the merchant wants to be collected for each request. The custom properties appear at the bottom of each tab and are tab-specific. Custom properties may be either read-only or editable based on the configuration.

Administrators can also view account information by searching for a buyer and clicking the Account Details tab.

For more information, in Using Oracle Commerce Cloud, see the Restrict self-registration for account-based shoppers section.

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