After conducting a successful search, your search results appear in the Order Results table. Order status includes:



Being Processed

The order is being prepared for shipment to the customer.


The order is complete, shipped, and delivered to the customer.


The order has been canceled and not shipped to the customer.

Submitted to Fulfillment

The order has been submitted to the warehouse staff to begin fulfillment.

Pending Approval

For account-based commerce orders, this order requires approval prior to order placement. For more information, see the previous Search for Customers and Orders sections.

Pending Payment

For account-based orders, the order is approved and is awaiting payments on that particular order.

Orders and return requests belonging to deleted and inactive sites are displayed on the following pages:

Orders and return requests belonging to the deleted sites cannot be viewed. However, those belonging to inactive sites can be viewed but no operations can be performed on them.

In the table, you can view individual orders by clicking the Order Number link. For more information, see the View order details chapter.

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