In the Order Details section, you can view the following:

  • Customer name with a link to the Customer Profile page.

    On the Customer Profile page, you can edit the customer name, reset the customer password and edit and add addresses to the shopper’s address book that can be used for shipping information. For more information, see the Use the address book section.

    For account-based commerce buyers, you cannot add or edit the shipping or billing address information as it is set for the account associated with the buyer. This feature may not be enabled in your environment.

  • Customer email.

  • Date and time of this order.

  • Merchant site name (used when the business has implemented a multiple site environment).

  • Organization name.

  • Price group used for this order.

  • Email Order Details button.

    When an order is placed, the shopper automatically receives an email containing the order, shipping, and general payment details. If the email needs to be re-sent, click the Email Order Details button.

  • An order summary, including a subtotal and order total, any discounts, shipping charges, and tax.

    In the Order Summary section, presentation of tax information in the Agent Console varies based on the Pricing Includes Tax flag in the Oracle Commerce Cloud administration interface. When tax is configured as included (the check box is selected), there is no line item indicating tax. A note indicating the tax total is provided in the Order Summary and Order Items sections. Otherwise, when tax is not configured as included, a separate line for tax is present.

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