Use this chapter if your site has been configured to accept account-based commerce transactions.

A company that does business with you may have one or more associated accounts and sub-accounts containing one or more buyers. Each account and sub-account is associated with a contracted list of catalog items, a price group, and a price list. When you change from one account to another, the system automatically loads these details, so you may notice differences between accounts.

Only a single incomplete cart can be associated with an account. You can select the incomplete cart and edit it before processing instead of creating a new order.

A customer profile can be associated with one or more accounts depending on the business practices of that company.

For example, June, who works for the ABC Company, may be a buyer with privileges to purchase products for the US and European branches. June’s buyer profile would list both the US and European accounts and show that she is an active buyer on both.

To set up buyers on an account, you must be an administrator for that account. If configured for your site, requests can be made by the shopper to be added to an account. While approval for such requests is not available to agents, you can view the requests that have been made by using the search functionality on the Customer Search, Registration Request tab. For more information, see the Search for and view registration requests section.

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