Your business may use a loyalty program with your shoppers, for example, shoppers gather points when purchasing certain items from your site or reaching a cumulative order total from their purchases. They can then redeem those points by choosing items from either a separate loyalty program catalog or an integrated catalog that includes both standard and loyalty items.

For sites that use loyalty programs, the cart must either include only items that are paid for in loyalty points or are paid for using standard currency methods (such as credit/debit cards). There cannot be a mixture of the two types in a single cart. Merchants may also choose to have shoppers pay for items in loyalty points while having tax and shipping charges completed using standard monetary currency methods (such as credit/debit cards or gift cards). These choices are made using the Commerce Cloud Admin API. Check with your internal support resources to discover which methods for payment are being used in regards to your loyalty program.

The system maintains information on loyalty point totals for each shopper. The details on a specific shopper’s points can be found on the shopper’s customer profile page. For more information, see the View customer results section.

A shopper creates an order by choosing items from the loyalty catalog just as she/he would from the regular site requiring a credit/debit card payment option. The shopper’s total for the loyalty order is deducted from the shopper’s loyalty point total.

With returns, both the loyalty points and taxes/shipping monetary charges are refunded to the shopper depending on how the transaction was completed.

For more details, in Extending Oracle Commerce Cloud, see the Work with Loyalty Programs chapter. For information on setting up store credit, in Extending Oracle Commerce Cloud, see the Integrate with a Store Credit Payment Gateway chapter.

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