The Oracle Commerce Cloud provides you with the ability to ship items in a single order to either a single shipping address/shipping method or to multiple shipping addresses using multiple shipping methods. If the shopper purchases more than one item (or more than one of a single item), the shopper can have the items shipped to separate addresses.

In a multiple site environment, the shipping methods are site-specific, that is, each site can have its own shipping methods. The shipping methods are loaded based on the site selected. The default shipping country also is loaded based on the site selected during order creation.

For account-based commerce, a buyer can only view the shipping methods specific to the account and site.

To use order shipping for single or multiple shipping addresses:

  1. On the Create Order page, in the Order Items section, a link provides the choice to ship to a single address or multiple shipping addresses.

    Clicking the Ship to Multiple Addresses link allows the shopper to ship items available in the order to multiple addresses using multiple shipping methods. Clicking the Ship All Items to One Address link sets the order to ship to a single address using a single shipping method.

    The columns displayed on this page for orders shipped to a single address are Product, Price, Quantity, and Subtotal. The columns displayed for orders shipped to multiple addresses are Product, Price, Quantity, Ship To, Shipping Method, and Subtotal.

  2. Add items to the order as explained in the Create New Orders section.

  3. For orders shipped to a single address, in the Shipping Details section, select the address from the address book and shipping method from the menu.

    The chosen address determines the shipping method available in the menu.

  4. For orders shipped to multiple addresses, do the following:

  5. Once the order is placed, the associated order details page shows the shipping address and shipping method for each item. Included are the shipping choices and the prices associated with each shipment: method, subtotal, shipping costs, tax, and order total.

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