From a selected shopper’s profile page, click the Launch Store for Customer button so you can open the storefront application on behalf of the shopper. This action provides the same experience as if the shopper had logged into the storefront.

Note: This action is different from creating a new order or completing an order from the Agent Console as the catalog information is provided entirely from the Agent Console application and not directly from the storefront.

Once you launch the storefront, you can participate in all store-specific processes, such as browsing the catalog and creating an order as the shopper. The view is shopper-specific and customized; the pages change according to the selected shopper profile and access (for example, the number of categories the shopper sees as well as the associated pricing and items available).

At the top of the page, an icon appears showing that you are shopping for a specific shopper (for example, Shopping as Kim Anderson). Click the icon to log out of the storefront application and return to the Agent Console.

The agent’s ID is associated with any order completed in this way. Once the order is placed and the order is accessed from the Order History page, a line item in order details lists the agent responsible for placing the order (for example Order submitted by Ken Ogi) in the name of the shopper.

For information on viewing storefront content based on the shopper’s access role, in Using Oracle Commerce Cloud, see the Configure role-based content slot section.

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