If the system is configured by an administrator, shoppers have the option to make a single payment with one credit/debit card or multiple payments with one or more credit/debit cards to satisfy the balance for an order. Account-based commerce buyers can select the payment methods for a specific account and site.

The system can be set up to accept either single payment only or single and multiple payments options. With administrator rights, go to the administration UI > Settings > Payment Processing > Setup > Payment Options.

To use payment modes:

  1. Create an order on the customer’s behalf, add items to cart, and select the shipping method.

  2. Under Payment Details, on the right side of page, click the Switch to Multiple Payments link or the Switch to Single Payment, depending on which mode the order is currently in. By default, single payment mode is displayed and multiple payments mode is enabled.

    During order creation, you can switch from one payment mode to another; however, payment information is cleared as the system does not retain payment information.

  3. For single payment, enter information for a single credit/debit card, one or more gift cards, or cash. If enabled, you can include a single invoice. Complete any additional activities for the order, and click Place Order.

  4. For multiple payments, do the following:

Understand invalid payments

You may encounter invalid payments (for example, when the order is placed, if the administrator has set any limitations, like a cash limit of $99 or a rejected credit card) in either single or multiple payments mode. However, the pending payment state is only available when using the multiple payments mode. For single payment mode, the entire order is rejected, and a valid payment must be made to move the order to fulfillment.

In this case, the system displays a payment error notification, and the order is moved to the Pending Payment state. The state is displayed at the top of the order page next to the order number (for example, Order Number 12345 - Pending payment). At this point, the order has not been authorized.

In pending payment state, you can remove any of the payments by clicking the Void Payment link next to the payment. The Payment Amount field reflects any changes. Additional cards can be added by entering the information and clicking Update Payment.

For any orders moved to the pending payment state, an email is sent to the shopper informing him/her of the need to edit the order, so it can be successfully fulfilled. Shopper can go back to their order or have the agent help him/her to complete the payment to process the order.

If the order is in the pending payment state, you can use either payment mode (Single or Multiple Payments) to satisfy the amount remaining.

Once all the changes have been made, click Place Order. If successful, the order is moved to the fulfillment state.

Edit a placed order

If the order is within the remorse period, you can edit the order, including the payment types, amounts and billing addresses, or switch to single payment. Switching from one payment mode to another deletes the payment details previously entered. The system does not retain the payment information.

To edit an order:

Complete returns in multiple payments mode

Once an order has been fulfilled, if it was completed in multiple payments mode, you can adjust the amounts originally assigned to each payment type.

To complete a return in multiple payments mode:

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