If your business has the CPQ Quoting integration enabled, you can request a quote for an order from within the Agent Console.

To request a quote for an order:

  1. Conduct a customer search.

  2. Click New to create a new order or select an existing unfulfilled order for the customer.

  3. Once you have an order with items in the cart, click the Request Quote link in the order edit page. You can switch between the Request Quote page and the Create Order page by clicking on the appropriate link.

  4. Add text to the Quote Notes text box as desired and click the Request Quote button.

    Once you have submitted the quote request, the Request Quote webhook is triggered and all relevant information is passed to CPQ Cloud for a decision on the quote. The order status is changed to Pending quote. When an order is in Pending status, you cannot perform any operations on the order.

    A confirmation email is sent to the visitor informing them of the status of their order.

  5. Once a response is received, the order status changes to This Order is a Quote. You then have a number of options on how to proceed. You can:

Order statuses relating to quotes are included in the list of Order Statuses in the Order Details section of the Order Search page.

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