You can exchange products in the catalog without requiring agent supervisor approval or the creation of another transaction. Only the same item can be exchanged. Items may be exchanged for a variant of the same item (for example, size or color differences). No change in value is allowed.

If a product has no variants (for example, a different size or color), the customer receives a replacement for the product he or she requests.

Completing an exchange involves the following procedures:

Note: Be aware of cases in which the item was initially available at the time of placing an order, but later during exchange, the item became unavailable (for example, because the SKU has been deactivated). In these cases, an exchange is not possible, and you should proceed instead with a refund for the item.

For more information, in Using Oracle Commerce Cloud, see the Deactivate SKUs section.

To create an exchange request:

  1. Complete an order search, and click the appropriate order number link to open the Order Details page.

    To continue with an exchange, the order must be in Fulfilled status. The customer may have already received the order, but this is not a requirement to process and submit the initial exchange request.

    Note: You can change the values for the custom commerce item properties when receiving the exchange. However, you can only change values for the customization properties selected during order creation. For more information, see the Understand dynamic commerce item properties section.

  2. Click Exchange Items. An Exchange Request page associated to the order appears.

    The Exchange Items button is displayed even if there are no items available to be exchanged. In this case, when you click the button, a message is displayed informing you that there are no items available to be exchanged.

  3. Click the icon to review the quantity of items that can be exchanged and available for return.

  4. In the Quantity field, type the quantity to be exchanged. This number cannot be higher than the quantity available for return.

    Note: If the order was sent to multiple addresses, select the item and address associated with the item to be exchanged. For more information, see the Understand shipping section.

  5. Select the reason for the exchange from the menu. The Exchange Amount displays the amount associated with this exchange.

  6. Click Exchange. The Exchange History for this order now shows the new Exchange Request.

  7. At this time, an exchange order is created for the same value of the item with zero shipping and tax. This order is in a hold state, pending receipt of items.

    If there are no variants available for a product (for example, a different size or color), then the customer receives an exact replacement for the item. This would be in cases, for example, where a product was received damaged.

    If a customer is interested in receiving a similar product (for example, an entirely different DVD for the one he or she purchased), then process the order as a return for refund and have the customer order the new product.

To accept a returned item for exchange:

  1. With the exchange item returned, search for the Exchange Request associated with the order by doing the following:

  2. Click Return Processing at the top of the page and search for the exchange request. In the Return Request Results table, find the associated Return number, and in the Actions column, click Receive.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Complete an order search. In Order Details, under Exchange History, in the Action column, click Receive. The Acknowledge Receipts page appears.

    • Enter a number in the Quantity to Receive field and select a disposition from the menu. Add any comments in the field as needed.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Click Save to place the request in the queue for later attention. The request appears in the Exchange History and in Returns Processing. The new order is an Exchange Order type. You can use the hyperlink of the exchange order in the Exchange History region to view it.

    • Click Process Exchange Order to complete the exchange. This action releases the hold on the exchange order and it is ready to be picked up for fulfillment.

    • Click Refund to complete a refund rather than an exchange. For more information, see the Process returns section

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