Log-In to OIPA

The system administrator will send the URL for the Oracle Insurance Policy Administration (OIPA) application. After the URL is entered into the Internet Explorer address field, the OIPA Log-In screen will display.

If you have not received your log-in information, contact your supervisor. OIPA tracks users' actions in the system according to log-in information. Please note your company's policy regarding the sharing of log-in information. The system provides audit trails according to log-in information. You may be required to change your log-in information according to your company's security policies.

Steps to Log-In to OIPA

  1. Copy or type the given URL in the browser (Internet Explorer / Chrome ) address field.

    OIPA Log-In Screen

  2. Enter the user name in the Client Number field.

  3. Enter the password in the Personal ID field.

    Note: The log-in information is case sensitive.

  4. Click Login.

Important   The system may time out due to inactivity according to your company's security policy.






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